Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Co-Parenting Communication Challenges

Interview with Sarah Bradley & Jill Darcey on how to handle communication challenges when co-parenting. Jill's book 'Parenting with the Ex Factor' is over 400 pages on how to co-parent with your Ex.


Parenting with the Ex Factor: How to Raise Children in a Complex Family

Parenting with the Ex Factor is positive, practical, and real - it's a book for those who are, or have been, involved in separation or divorce. Over 400 pages that explain how to practically parent beyond separation, including the answers to over 60 of the most Frequently Asked Questions gathered through Jill's years of counselling and coaching.

"I can assure you, divorce is not a life sentence to parental failure. Be encouraged - it can be the beginning of a foundation firmly based on living a more authentic and meaningful life with your children. Your children can also have the best of both worlds, as my children frequently describe their lives." "Throughout these pages, you will read part of my own story and learn about those things that have worked well and those that have not.

You will read about others who have walked their path and the effects of their choices. All of this combines to form a uniquely positive perspective on parenting beyond separation; the focus is on raising children who are free from the separation scars that have become painfully normal."

Parenting with the Ex Factor: How to Raise Children in a Complex Family

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